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    RefMasters is the brainchild of two NBA referees asking a simple, yet powerful question.

    As pros traveling the country they saw the issues first hand. Young referees unsure of where or to how grow. Coaches and athletes with basic gaps in rules knowledge. Fans with misconceptions about what referees and umpires really do.

    Unsatisfied with the state of things, they sought to build the premier place for referees, coaches, athletes and fans to elevate the game. An educational curriculum that combines virtual and augmented reality with the most respected experts in the world. A social platform to grow and nurture relationships. A marketplace to match each game with the perfect referee.

    All this for a better world of sport, where each playing field and court has a high quality and happy official. But also for a better world, where people see referees and umpires as humans.

    It’s an audacious goal, but we’re relying on a world-class team and unflinching principles to realize our vision.